Faggots should serve men. For me it is the natural state of things.

My name is Bassil. Im str8, married men from Poland. Wife, 3 beautiful children and good life. Few years ago i find out that faggots want pay me cash for my socks, possibility of sniffing my sweaty feet or lick my shoes. And all because I’m straight men. It is disgusting but very funny for me when i see fags who begs me for the honor of paying me for my sweaty socks.

A few years ago one of faggots ask me: “Can i pay You Sir to kiss and sniff your feet and buy Your used sweaty socks?” This was disgusting, but i allow him do it for 200€ – 100€ for foot sniffing and 100€ for my sweaty, dirty socks. Easy cash! From this moment this fag serve me all the time. I understand that all faggots should serve men and be financially exploited. For me it is the natural state of things.